Step 1

Download a wallet

If you haven't already you will need to download a wallet. Currently available there is Windows and OSX archives.

Install your wallet

In the same way you keep your paper cash in a leather wallet. Your Pinkcoin are kept safe in a digital wallet.


Step 2

Sync the wallet

A new wallet will need to download the blockchain first before you can start Staking. This will happen automatically when you open it for the first time.

*Tap Tap Tap*

You can check on progress by moving your cursor to the spinny arrows. When the Pinkcoin blockchain has finished downloading you will see a green tick in the bottom right of your wallet.


Step 3

Transfer your Pinkcoin to your wallet

No doubt you will have already got some Pinkcoin on an exchange. You need to send them to your wallet.

Create an address

Go to Receive coins. Click 'new address' and give it a name. Copy the key under the address column in the Pinkcoin wallet into the exchange wallet and click send. You should see your coins show up in Transactions. It will take 5 confirmations before your coins are spendable.


Step 4

Time to mature

Before you can Stake; your coins have to get comfortable.

Why must my coins mature?

The blockchain has to complete further confirmations on your coins before you can start using them to Stake. This makes sense as the integrity of the network is important. It takes around 8 hours or 101 confirmations before your coins will be ready for showtime. I have found leaving your wallet open overnight whilst you sleep gets you to the next step without any finger tapping.

Step 5

Encrypting your wallet

Security first, Staking second.

Most important

To secure your wallet you need to set a password. It is vital that you remember the password! This password encrypts the wallet.dat file; this file is your Pinkcoins. If you forget it you will lose your coins -- please don't forget.


Step 6


So the moment you have all been waiting for...

Turn on Staking

Staking requires your wallet to be unlocked. Click the small padlock on the bottom right of your wallet. Tick the tickbox "For Staking Only". For security you will have to type the password you just created in Step 5 to allow the wallet unlock. In ticking the Tickbox you are now Staking!!!


Step 7

Final Check

Before you go off to book a holiday -- first complete a couple of checks.

It's all good if...

The arrow in the bottom right has turned green and says you are Staking. The lock symbol is unlocked and it says so.


Happy Staking!

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Download the Windows Wallet

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